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Re: Now I'm a Macppc-netbsd users

Some news:
at first bad news
i have tried to build the kernel (at first the tool because the CONF
of 5.0 need the new version of conf program..) but during the build on
the terminal appear the gcc problem "out of memory".. so i wait for a
moment to build the kernel..
(i will wait the stable release...)
xfce4 has some video problem (slow refresh?)
I can't compile firefox 3 (problem with powerpc)

good news:
 I have resolved (with a pach that i have found on port-powerpc
mailing list) a problem with a library
i have put my cpu flags in mk.conf..

thx for all
On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 6:25 PM, Michael <> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hello,
> On Apr 14, 2009, at 7:02 AM, Pietro Capriata wrote:
>> mm.. I have found a POWERMAC config in sys/macppc/conf ... do you think
>> that
>> I can use it to rebuild the kernel?
> No, the POWERMAC config file is for 1st generation PCI PowerMacs - a kernel
> built with that would die right after attaching the CPU since it lacks
> support for pretty much all other hardware in your iMac.
> You'll need to look at GENERIC and throw out stuff you don't need ( the iMac
> G4 is a single CPU UniNorth machine, the built-in ethernet controller should
> be a gem with a brgphy attached ( if it's the gigabit version ) - in doubt
> leave the ukphy driver in. Audio should be either snapper or awacs ( snapper
> is more likely though ) and with an nvidia graphics controller you will need
> the genfb driver for console support - you can throw the others out ( like
> machfb, chipsfb and the like ). Your machine should have a pmu without ADB
> support so you don't need cuda or any of the adb drivers either. I'd
> recommend to leave the USB stuff alone and throw out drivers for PCI cards
> you don't have.
> Just look at your dmesg output to get an idea which drivers you will need.
> have fun
> Michael
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