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Re: Now I'm a Macppc-netbsd users

ok now work (i don't know why... but.. now it works !!)
Now after I updated my pkgsrc and src to current I'm installing xorg (slow
to compile) and after i will rebuild the kernel (the current).
mm.. I have found a POWERMAC config in sys/macppc/conf ... do you think that
I can use it to rebuild the kernel?

thx a lot


On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 11:58 PM, Pietro Capriata 
> wrote:

> Hello.. I'm happyu
> Today I'have removed my deblin installation and put netbsd 4.0.1 on my
> (old?) imac g4 1ghz....
> Now i'm downloading Netbsd current and pkgsrc. Now ttys* works, boot
> works...
> butI have some problem  with X that  freeze my system... why? (I must
> reboot manually the system)
> Thx a lot...
> Pietro

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