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Please help - dialin-server?

Dear NetBSD-users,

I would like to configure a dial-in server, and I would like to know
1. what exactly are the configuration files and
2. what exactly should be in there.

I want to remotely control my computer without ethernet.

Please no RTFM-responses, I have read enough FM in the last three
weeks, and I just had no success. I would not ask you if I thought it
is something easy to figure out for me.

I must admit, I tried it out on Xubuntu 8.04, NOT on NetBSD. But in
fact, I want that finally it works on NetBSD. I thought Xubuntu
should be easier, however, far from it - I had no success.

What I want and what I did:

I want to be able to dial in to my NetBSD machine and control it
through my Xubuntu or Windows machine. For the sake of simplicity,
let us assume the user is "person" and password is "mypass" on
both machines.

For the connection, two cellphones are used (Sony Ericsson D750i and
W200i). In Linux on connection ach one appears as the devices
/dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/ttyACM1.  On NetBSD, they are recognised on
connection as ucom0 and ucom1 as well as umodem0 and umodem1.

I tried dialling out to my university (which runs AIX) with each of them,
and it works, both in Linux and in Windows. Moreover, I tried dialling
from Windows to Linux, on Linux Minicom was running and could
automatically take the call when told ATS0=1. ATA worked fine, too.

So, what do I write in which file? - At this stage, I do not want
routing or anything complicated, I just want a connection between
computer A dialling to computer B, there are on no other networks.
B takes the call automatically, A then gets to login prompt and shell.
A is running Windows, Linux or FreeBSD, B is running NetBSD.
What do I have to do? - I want to first ask you, instead of first
messing up my configuration files until nothing is recognisable (as
I already did on Xubuntu).

Thank you in advance for your kind help with this, I very much
appreciate it. And yes, I DO know that chapter 23.3. of the NetBSD
guide touches the topic.

Kind regards,

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