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csup and softdeps

Hello all you out there!

Today I tried something rather unorthodox (for NetBSD anyway):
I wanted to update a 4.0 to current using csup (as apposed to the usual
cvs). Under NetBSD this seams to be a rather unusual method (Is there
some reason for this?) but under FreeBSD it is the method of choice.
Since I came from FreeBSD, I'm kinda used to the way cvsup (later csup)

To speed up the whole thing I mounted /usr with softdeps. That however
broke (and I have no clue how) csups download. I kept getting protocol
errors, no matter what user I tried on the system or what server I used
to dl from (I tried and

After mounting /usr without softdeps again, csup works just fine.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

Note: The hardware is a Sun U60 with 2GB of RAM and two SCA-HDDs.


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