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Re: Big Dummy's Guide To Running NetBSD IN Vmware Player

Eric d'Alibut <> wrote:

> 1. It should be possible to access the rest of the Windows hard drive
> from within the Vmware NetBSD image running in the Player; is this
> true? I am stumped again.

Not directly -- hard disk I/O is emulated for the virtual machines, and
the only "disks" the NetBSD image will see are those defined for it.
(Plus maybe CD/DVD drive if hardware access has been permitted.)

For some operating systems VMware has extensions which provide for
"shared folders".  I've not used those; I usually set up one directory
on the VMWare side (hosted on Vista, in my case) and make it available
via SMB, HTTP, and FTP which means pretty much any guest OS can read
files I need to transfer one way or another.

> 2. I notice the Player is running in its "Console" mode. Does this
> mean I cannot access virtual consoles inside the running NetBSD image?
> The usual Ctrl-Alt-F[#] does not work.

Er, no idea on that one.


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