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Re: Manually creating slices

James Colannino wrote:

I've run into a problem with gpt. I installed NetBSD on another hard drive, since the install CD doesn't appear to have either dkctl or gpt, and when I try to run gpt on ld0, I get the following errors:

#gpt create -f ld0

gpt: unable to open device 'rld0d': no such file or directory

I tried opening ld0 with fdisk (#fdisk ld0), and it works just fine. Am I missing something?

Just an update: since I'm installing from scratch anyway, and don't need sysinst, I decided to just go with MBR partitions. Even though the NetBSD fdisk uses signed ints, I was able to create a NetBSD primary partition from a Linux LiveCD. I then booted back into NetBSD, and was successful in getting disklabel to create one large root partition as I had originally desired.

I'd still like to eventually figure out why gpt didn't work, but for now things are finally starting to move along. Now, I just have to finish the rest of the install without the aid of sysinst (wish me luck! ;)

Thanks for all the help so far.  I'm learning a lot.

eRacks Open Source Systems

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