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Re: Manually creating slices

On Nov 29,  9:38am, James Colannino wrote:
} John Nemeth wrote:
} > Ultimately the solution to all these problems is GPT.  However,
} > I don't know if your BIOS supports booting from a GPT disk.  See
} > for more
} > information.
} I'll have to look into that.  I've used GPT in the past on Linux, but 
} that was with non-bootable partitions, so the BIOS wasn't an issue.  Are 
} there GPT-capable tools in NetBSD (assuming I can boot from it)?  The 

     gpt(8) for dealing with the partition table.  Then you create
wedges to represent the partitions (see 'man dkctl').

} only problem I foresee is that I'd probably have to install from scratch 
} instead of with sysinst.  I don't mind doing that (it would be a good 
} learning experience), but is there any documentation available that 
} would tell me how to do it?

     I'm not aware of any off hand.  But, it isn't particularly
difficult.  Just note the steps taken by systinst.  Basically,
partition the disk, newfs the partitions, install bootblocks, unpack
tarballs (filesets) making sure to preserve permissions, MAKEDEV all,
set root password, timezone, etc.

}-- End of excerpt from James Colannino

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