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Re: config and test raid


Thankyou for your email.

On Thu, 26 Jun 2008, Greg Troxel wrote:
> It looks ok, except that I would remove wd0b and wd1b from disklabel,
> and not list them in fstab.  I would put raid0b as swap in fstab.  I
> think you have correctly overload wd0b on raid0b (adding 63 where the
> raid partition starts as wd0a, and then 64 for the raid header), but
> this overlaying is a bit scary and IMHO should be avoided unless
> necessary. You probably want to swap on raid (to stay up over disk
> failure until you choose to repair.

I delivered the server today. I need to go back, because we were not able
to get samba to work with Windows XP Home edition. They are going to
upgrade all their computers at the local Habitat for Humanity to XP Pro,
so when I go back, I will remove wd0b and wd1b from disklabel and from
fstab (so it will just use raid0b for swap).

I put alot of time into this server. We setup an installer kernel on a
thumb drive. It would not do an install with the install kernel because it
needs a noapci kernel, so I set it up manually. I built a new kernel and
compiled userland and configured it. Then I setup raid on it. It works, I
just hope they get alot of use out of it. The way I figure, it is
supporting open source.

> I'm assuming you are talking 4.0.

Yes, I install NetBSD 4.0 on every computer that comes my way.

> To see if swap is there, run 'pstat -s'.

I will be sure to run this the next time I am over there.


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