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Re: acpi setup ?

Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
2008/6/25 Michael Kell Jensen <>:
Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
2008/6/25 Michael Kell Jensen <>:
Hi i have an IBM t60P machine
And i have acpi enabled in the kernel.
it detects when i open and close the lid.
but it doesnt do anything, i surfed around a bit
but is unsure about how to make it do something
with the detection.

See if you have /etc/powerd/scripts directory. You have better chances
with -current, though - on my HP nx6310 I finally got state 3 working
just fine a few weeks ago ( I follow -current usually fairly closely).

You will need to enable the powerd daemon (see /etc/defaults/rc.conf)
- man powerd.

I look at sysctl machdep.sleep_state, and tried to set that
manually. then it suspended ( machdep.sleep_state=3 )(it fell completely
silent and the moon led lit up.)
it seemed to work but i couldnt get it to start up again.
I pressed fn-key which caused harddisk and cd to spin up, but nothing
further happened, my screen didnt come up again.

Where and how do i specify what to do.?
something called acpi.conf or the like
do i need to set something in rc.conf ?


Hmm in /etc/powerd/scripts/lid_switch
the code says something about apm and apmd
but that conflicts with acpi right?

No, see the other reply - there is apm "emulation"; on my -current
system I get by default using GENERIC kernel
apm0 at acpi0

so I guess you will have to enable both powerd and apmd.

When i enable powerd, i dont get anything,
the console message acpi lid open | closed disappears.

I insert apmdev at acpi0 in my kernel, (all other things about apm is commented out!) , i see you write apm0 at acpi0

But i can se i miss some files

I loook in src/sys/*/apm and check it up against the files
on jmcneills page. where there is a patch that is about 2 years old.
and some source code

Can i use that.

Do i have to upgrade to near current (don't want to if i can avoid it)
or can i just patch with jmcneills patches, or updating apm source from
current, or something.?

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