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Re: ulimit and nginx

Badiane Ka wrote:

> I install nginx and ldap just to run some tests.  I used siege to hit
> nginx and with 100 concurrent users requesting about 10 urls 20 times.
> Swap was never used; load on the machine reached past 1 only for 5 mins;
> system was responsive.  The only error I receive was, according to some
> links, ulimit being to low.  One link said to place a ulimit directive
> in the startup file.  I wanted to know if that shouldn't be done globally?

Depends on the specific kind of resource limit: open file descriptors,
maximum data size, stack size,... (see the ulimit/limit command of your
shell and ulimit(3)).

Take a look at the login.conf(5) man page. Something like

  $ cat /etc/login.conf 
  default:Default class:\

should change the number of open file descriptors per process for all
users with an empty 'class' field in /etc/passwd.


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