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Re: Does dump things into /usr/obj/ ?

Jan Danielsson wrote:

  if [ $# -gt 0 ] ; then
    ARCH=`uname -m`
Or won't that work?
   Sure it will -- but I removed it since it's the default. If you don't
set ARCH, will set it automatically.

How about an elif then? :-)

   Well -- true. But I wrote the script because I was lazy, not because
I wanted an intelligent script. :-)

Yeah, I know the problem. I wrote this really big script a fair while back für getting and sending mail an news over a dialup. I worked perfectly for me, because I knew what its limitations were. But somehow, I wound up giving it to a few people close to me and they passed it on and before too long I was getting feature requests. The best one was to convert it from the bash (which I wrote it 'in') to the Korn shell. Something I refused BTW. :-)

$ .
Not sure what you mean by that. :-(


   If you run a script like this:
   $ .'re telling the shell to run the script in the current shell.
The variables won't be lost this way.

Remind me to wear my contact lensen before I start writing anything. :-(
Don't aked me how I managed that, but I absolutely oversaw the '.' in your line. Sorry about the dumb question there. Next time I will REALLY try to READ what you write before I answer! :-)


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