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Does dump things into /usr/obj/ ?

Hello folks!

In about an hour or so (whenever I get home), I'll start setting up a new NetBSD system. :-)

I'm one of these people who came from FreeBSD and need to adapt to the differences between these two operating systems. One thing I haven't found out yet is if the system build has the same source and target. Meaning this: In FreeBSD, when building everything, the sources are read from /usr/src and the resultung binaries are dumped into /usr/obj, installing is a seperate step.

I have found that you can get a real boost in speed doing that, if you follow the suggestion of the FreeBSD handbook and put these two file systems onto seperate physical drives - especially if the HDs in use aren't really new ones. :-) Does NetBSD do this too?

I know that you can *change* the destination directory for the builds (as written in 30.7.1 of the guide) but what is the *default*? It would be could to know this before I start installing as then I can partition the drives with a sense of meaning. :-)

Sorry about asking this rather trivial question. I just couldn't find the answer (although I know it must be there somewhere) and I'd like to get this done. This system has been down for long enough...


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