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Printer setup? - sorry, previous mail was empty...

Dear all,

I am using NetBSD 4.0 and I am trying to set up my printer. Actually, I am 
looking for a generic way to set up:

1. any printer as some kind of "generic text only" with 66 lines/page and 80 
characters/line (MOST important)


2. any printer as some kind of "generic postscript", for use with groff, to 
print things in Times Roman & Co.

My printer is a HP Photosmart C3180 (connected through USB on ulpt0; 
interestingly also recognised as /dev/sd0), but I would prefer this not to be 
relevant in the setup. (I want to be able to tell my friends how it's done for 
their printers, that's why.) So... how do I do it? Thank you in advance for 
your kind help. Just for your information, in Linux (Xubuntu) the printer works 
perfectly fine (however, there I had some GUI setup, maybe it did something 
different than what should be done here).

What I tried so far:

lptest 70 5

just gave me the staircase problem (and printed EXTREMELY slowly), but I guess 
this is not such an issue; I considered printing my files either through a 
printerfilter, or using unix2dos before printing.

So, I wrote in /etc/printcap:

lp|local printer experiment:\

(By the way, I found out, there is no directory /usr/local - the NetBSD guide 
chapter 12 still refers to that directory.)

Then I did something like

cd /var/spool/lpd
mkdir lp
chown daemon:daemon lp
chmod 770 lp

I rebooted... I tried lptest 70 5 | lp  as well as lptest 70 5 | lpr

...and it prints NOTHING.

So, what am I doing wrong, and how do I get it right?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

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