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Re: suspend to RAM -- deactivate lpt with recompiling kernel?

On 07/06/08, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
> You can disable it at boot time via 'boot -c' and
>       disable lpt
>       exit

Yes that has worked, Thanks.
> Alternatively, see if you can disable it via the BIOS.  

I will use this BIOS approach, until I update the kernel.

Using current the first time, I have to say: I am very impressed.
The suspend to RAM works like a charm, even in X11. The whole hardware
is supported out of the box. And fortunately there is not so much
software installed from pkgsrc that updating would become too
painful ;-)

Just for the records: the machine is a IBM R40 Laptop.

Kind regards,
Michael Krauss

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