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Re: simh

> It looks you've got dos files on *nix which shouldn't be a problem
> per se but I found that that's not always the case. You could 'tr' the
> line endings to the unix way or use a tool like vi/perl/awk/dos2unix for
> it which might help.

For some reason looks that the application was made
with windows in mind. Btw, freebsd version has some
patches and changed options, like WITH_NETWORK instead
of original USE_NETWORK. Also, std=c99 was abandoned.

> That's not going to work, on netbsd it's pkgsrc which you should
> download if you want to build from source but in this case it might be
> easier to install a binary package;

I already tried that. The precompiled version has no 
network support, so the whole thing fails. VMS with
no net connection is not a fun.

> Btw.. /usr/pkg/bin should be in your $PATH on netbsd (at least I can't
> remember having to add it since the last time I used netbsd (couple of
> months ago)

Heh, I changed a lot of things, so have to put them
back, if memory serves me.
The latest simh version asks for latest libraries.
Dancing till dawn.
Best regards


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