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I have an intention to use simh emulator on 4.0 for i386,
as a host for openvms installation.
First and quick attempt to compile the newest version of
simh failed for missing options.
make: "/root/simh/makefile" line 252: Missing dependency operator
make: "/root/simh/makefile" line 254: Need an operator
make: "/root/simh/makefile" line 256: Need an operator
make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
The very reason I even bother to compile is option for
ethernet usage USE_NETWORK. If default precompiled version
of it in pub directory has this option included, I will just
install it and be happy. That version is 3.3. The most
up to date one is 3.7-3.
The lines in question look like:
ifeq ($(WIN32),)
        ${RM} ${BIN}*
        if exist BIN\*.exe del /q BIN\*.exe
With all ^M at the end of every line.
Any idea how to go further? If precompiled version has
support for ethernet adapter, no biggie.
Best regards


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