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Re: SATA Raid Controller

On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 04:15:39PM +0200, Felix Resch wrote:
> > I'm now using Areca ARC-1261 and it's a lot faster, even in RAID6
> > mode.
> > Works Just Fine under 4.0 (and even better in -current).
> Are all acreca boards using intel chips supported with the iop(4)
> driver-interface?
> I would then tend to a ARC-1110 or 1212 as they are more moderately
> priced :)

At least ARC-1130 works, I have one of those.

> > For read or write ? writes without the battery-backed cache are slow,
> > but that expected.
> Does this mean, that the driver/firmware goes to "safety mode" when
> there is no battery module attached?

Actually, _with_ a battery backup installed, the controllers tend to disable
the disk write caches (in Auto mode).  With no battery backup, the controller
assumes you don't care about the data in the first place, so it enables all
caches (which may cause loss of data if power is lost).


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