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consolidate phone, sidekick and broadband card to one device

Mostly offtopic ... but looking for something I can use with NetBSD (not 
necessarily running NetBSD on the device itself).

So I have been using three devices for near two years: a small cell phone; 
a SideKick 2 for a little web browsing, some emails and receiving many 
phone messages; and a PCCARD broadband card for internet access.

So to save money and reduce number of devices I got a AT&T Tilt (HTC TyTN 
II). I have only used a little but I don't like it. I rarely use Windows 
and this limited version of Windows Mobile is very foreign to me.
The internet sharing doesn't appear to be supported (RNDIS).
I was able to install and use Putty for Windows Mobile for SSH.
But I don't see any way to get repeating notifications for incoming emails 
and phone messages -- this is critical for my work as first notification 
often won't get my attention (especially if sleeping).
I like the touch screen (which my Sidekick doesn't have), but the keyboard 
itself even though bigger doesn't seem as easy as the Sidekick 2 keyboard.
Access to features means jumping through many Windows menus and submenus 
-- it is inconvenient (at least in default configuration).

What I need:

- be able to share its internet access to my NetBSD laptop (via USB?). 
Hopefully network access is available when I travel to several states.

- customize repeat notifications for incoming emails
and phone messages -- and set frequency, like if not acknowledged/checked 
then notify (vibrate and/or audio) for 15 seconds every three minutes

- usable qwerty keyboard

- phone

- schedule/calendar

- small device (Tilt is 4.4 x 2.3 x 0.73 inches).

Some extras:

- nice to have a web browser

- nice to be able to transfer files (like audio) to and from my NetBSD 

- nice to be able to sync phone address book and calendar to and from 
NetBSD also

- nice to have Wifi (my new Tilt has Wifi but I haven't used it yet).

- nice to have GPS (my new Tilt has GPS, but I don't have software 
subscription for it and haven't tested yet -- on that note I have heard of 
"open" and free GPS software and data but haven't pursued this yet).

Any suggestions?

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