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Re: consolidate phone, sidekick and broadband card to one device

On Tue, 3 Jun 2008, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
Mostly offtopic ... but looking for something I can use with NetBSD (not
necessarily running NetBSD on the device itself).

So I have been using three devices for near two years: a small cell phone;
a SideKick 2 for a little web browsing, some emails and receiving many
phone messages; and a PCCARD broadband card for internet access.

Everything here is based on UK usage, so it may be completely inapplicable to your needs...

I use a Nokia e61i which I'm very pleased with.

What I need:

- be able to share its internet access to my NetBSD laptop (via USB?).

e61i appears as a modem via USB (if set to PC Suite mode) or mass storage (if set to Data Transfer). 3G access works well. You can also use bluetooth (or IrDA I guess).

Hopefully network access is available when I travel to several states.

Don't know about that.

- customize repeat notifications for incoming emails
and phone messages -- and set frequency, like if not acknowledged/checked
then notify (vibrate and/or audio) for 15 seconds every three minutes

I don't use the inbuilt IMAP mail client which I found to be very basic and also hung the connection. Instead I use Profimail from Sleepy Cat Games:

- usable qwerty keyboard

I think so.

- phone

Of course.

- schedule/calendar

It does have that, but as usual, only talks to Outlook. I've not yet found a wya to deal with .ics files.

- small device (Tilt is 4.4 x 2.3 x 0.73 inches).

4.5 x 2.7 x 0.55

Some extras:

- nice to have a web browser

Inbuilt, plus Opera Mini and Opera Mobile available.

- nice to be able to transfer files (like audio) to and from my NetBSD

Very easy. fuse-obexfs works too.

- nice to be able to sync phone address book and calendar to and from
NetBSD also

Not managed that yet

- nice to have Wifi (my new Tilt has Wifi but I haven't used it yet).

Has that.

- nice to have GPS (my new Tilt has GPS, but I don't have software
subscription for it and haven't tested yet -- on that note I have heard of
"open" and free GPS software and data but haven't pursued this yet).

Doesn't have GPS built in, but does have various navigational programs. Also, Google Maps is good on it. A bluetooth GPS device costs around 29ukp.

A nice touch is that there is a POSIX development layer meaning you can write your own software (examples include FTP and VNC clients):


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