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Re: OT: Does majordomo have a vacation-mode?

On Mon, Jun 02, 2008 at 12:42:49PM +0200, Christian Baer wrote:
> Adam Hoka wrote:
> >>I'm pretty sure you can post without being subscribed, although I
> >>could be confused about this.
> >Im not sure either, but you can post through news.  Only it will ask
> >for a comfirmation on the first mail if your address really exists.
> No and no. :-)
> Ok, the first 'no' is speculation. I just can't imagine a mailing-list
> beeing that open. Can you imagine how may V**gr* offerings we would
> have on this list if anyone could just dump their stuff in here? I
> doubt very much that posting without subscription is really possible.
> [...]
> Or am I missing something here?

Yes, the NetBSD mailing lists are open and everyone is allowed to post.
The reason you aren't seeing the crap is because there are filters and
other measures in place.


-- Lubomir Sedlacik <salo@{NetBSD,Xtrmntr,silcnet}.org>   --

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