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Re: OT: Does majordomo have a vacation-mode?

Adam Hoka wrote:

I'm pretty sure you can post without being subscribed, although I could be confused about this.
Im not sure either, but you can post through news.
Only it will ask for a comfirmation on the first mail if your address really 

No and no. :-)

Ok, the first 'no' is speculation. I just can't imagine a mailing-list beeing that open. Can you imagine how may Viagra offerings we would have on this list if anyone could just dump their stuff in here? I doubt very much that posting without subscription is really possible.

The second no is based on the first one.
If you are referring to gmane, you can post via gmane, but that doesn't do anything else than take the article and send it via mail to the list. So basicly that would be the same thing that my local inn does as a moderated list - only that another news server does it.

Or am I missing something here?


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