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Re: usbtablet driver in Xorg server? Wacom Bamboo (Rob Q) writes:

>  I'm using the modular Xorg server from pkgsrc (because XFree86
>support my nvidia 8600 GTS) on -current, and I can't get the usbtable driver
>load for my Wacom Bamboo:

That's hardly surprising, because it does not exist (yet). There would
need to be a pkgsrc/x11/xf86-input-usbtablet in other places than my
tinker-tree first.

Now if I hadn't been preempted by umpteen other things I might have done
something about the "doesn't exist" already ...
If it hasn't materialized by the end of this month I'll likely not be
doing anything about it in the foreseeable future. It needs usbtablet and
usblib from the NetBSD xsrc plus some updating to the modern Xorg HID
framework (and the ability to disconnect/reconnect).

-- (S.P.Zeidler)

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