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NetBSD 4.0 pckbd console on PCEngines ALIX.1C

George noticed earlier this month that the pckbd(4) fails to work
on the PCEngines ALIX.1C platform.  Search for "getting NetBSD 4.0
console on alix1c" or see

I have been able to reproduce this both on FreeBSD 6.3 as well as
NetBSD 4.0.

On fbsd, the pckbd works if one chooses the "no acpi" support from
the loader menu. Setting to BIOS Power MGMT to "Disable", "Legacy",
or "APM" instead of default ACPI also works.

On nbsd, no such luck: neither the GENERIC.NOACPI kernel nor turning
off the ACPI support in BIOS Power MGMT results in a workable pckbd.

I can confirm that in all nbsd cases, 'vmstat -i' reports interrupts
when the keyboard is "used".

USB console kbd works normal (from start, and also when plugged in
after booting). It can be used to "override" the non/working pckbd.

I've put up the various dmesg's at
for both fbsd and nbsd - maybe the "fbsd+acpi doesn't work either"
phenomena gives us a hint?


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