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Two quick ipnat questions

I've got a NetBSD box with only one network interface. I'd like to place my external WiFi access point on a private network. I need to disable NAT within the access point because I need to access some devices from my externally-visible network.

Here's a quick ASCII-art diagram:

              | External Network
         |         |       |   |
         |         |       |   |
      WiFi AP   NetBSD   More stuff ...
         |  Internal Network

So, two questions:

1. Can I use ipnat on the NetBSD box, running it as a "one-armed

2. Can I use an external NAT address other than the address assigned
   to the NetBSD box?  (IE, the interface on NetBSD is x.y.z.2 and I
   want to use x.y.z.99 for translated addresses).  If I do this, will
   ipnat automatically add an arp entry so the ISP's router can find
   it, or will I have to manually publish the arp entry?


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