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Re: LGPL vs. BSD

For a long long time (~25 years) the BSD way has been the BSD license.

For code integrated into the NetBSD source tree, there's a strong
preference for a non-copyleft free license, and I'd say the "modified
BSD" license is currently the best choice (the one with no advertising
clause).  There is some LGPL and GPL code in the base system currently
(e.g., gcc), but including copylefted code gives rise (in my mind) to a
"is the benefit of integrating this code worth increasing the amount of
copylefted code".  There's also of course "is the benefit to this code
being in the base system worth increasing the amount of code in the base

If you're going to distibute a package that works with NetBSD, and
intend that it be used via pkgsrc, then you are welcome to do whatever
you want; pkgsrc has absolutely zero of "we won't package GPL code".

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