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Re: LGPL vs. BSD


Ernesto Bascon wrote:
Hi NetBSD guys,

I do not know if this is the right place to write a question like
that, so, if it is not, please redirect me to the correct one.

I know the differences between the LGPLed and the BSD-licensed code,
but, how does the NetBSD community feel about the LGPL license?

Do you have some LGPL code into your codebase? [not including the
software in pkgsrc]
If yes, are you happy with it? or do you have plans to rewrite it
under BSD license?

If I want to write some NetBSD specific code [userland, but tied to
your OS], do you HEAVILY suggest me to provide it under the 4 clause
BSD license?


If you are going to bundle your code with NetBSD, then it's always simple to stick to a single license model for the whole. Gets everybody less nervous. :)

You must also take into account what you plan for your own code to be used for. And what others may re-use it for.

Keep in mind that if your code is LGPL and somebody wants to add their proprietary code to it (say, reuse in an appliance of their own) then they want to fix your code, they have to publish these fixes. If your code is BSD then they don't necessarily have to contribute back the fixes (called a proprietary fork).

Depending on your preference, you chose.

Also, BSD is simpler... you might prefer that.

You might consider publishing it under the WTFPL license : if you want extreme license simplicity...


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