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Re: LGPL vs. BSD

On 2/14/08, Ernesto Bascon <> wrote:
> Hi NetBSD guys,
>  I do not know if this is the right place to write a question like
>  that, so, if it is not, please redirect me to the correct one.
>  I know the differences between the LGPLed and the BSD-licensed code,
>  but, how does the NetBSD community feel about the LGPL license?
>  Do you have some LGPL code into your codebase? [not including the
>  software in pkgsrc]
>  If yes, are you happy with it? or do you have plans to rewrite it
>  under BSD license?
>  If I want to write some NetBSD specific code [userland, but tied to
>  your OS], do you HEAVILY suggest me to provide it under the 4 clause
>  BSD license?

I don't even come close to speaking for NetBSD, TNF, or even a
contributing developer, but I'll give my opinion anyway.  :)

Did you read ?

If you're very interested in having your code in the netbsd source
tree, why create extra hurdles?  If you'd like it to be "just open",
then maybe you should consider borrowing the sqlite license or
possibly a dual-license model (although I personally think these are
on shaky legal ground -- "pick one of these n licenses that suit you
the best" numbers).

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