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Issue 122 of the NetBSD CVS Digest is out

This issue:

kernel: All platforms have been converted to use timecounter. [Joerg Sonnenberger]

usb: Add uhmodem(4) driver for Huawei E220 wireless modem. [Ichiro Fukuhara]

compat_linux32: Add ossaudio support. [jmcneill 20080121]

xen: Added support for the i386 PAE extention to Xen3 domU [Manuel Bouyer]

uhub(4): The device attachment function has been optimized to improve system startup time. [Jared D. McNeill]

kernel: The interface for IP chcecksumming was changed to reduce duplication and more general use. [Joerg Sonnenberger]

hostapd/wpa_supplicant: Upgrade to 0.6.2 [Christos Zoulas]

openpam: upgrade to 20071221 [Christos Zoulas]


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