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Re: LiveCD for NetBSD equivalent to DesktopBSD or PC-BSD?

On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 11:46:59PM +0100, Leonardo Taccari wrote:

> I think that it isn't true.

But did you notice "My - quite personal - feeling"? ;)

> On the -current and of course on the 5.0 we'll have got drm(4)[0] for
> example. NetBSD isn't an OS for ``old hardware''. Yes, for its clean
> design you can run it without any problem on an old machine but it is good
> on a new machine too.

It's for the machine, whose hardware is supported - whether old, or new one.
Too bad, that until today there are problems with drivers for so basic
hardware, like USB or SATA-controllers (especially, if you're talking about

> Huh? AFAIK NetBSD is a ``general-purpose[1]'' OS, it isn't an OS for only
> server machines. It is also a great (IMO the *best*) OS for users charmed
> by Unix-like OS and users that wants a good, free (as in freedom) OS.

Yes, it's general-purpose OS, which currently has better support for
server-related hardware.

> And of course it isn't for ``skilled person'', it is for ``beginners''
> too,

Depends on your definition of "beginner". If you mean just "the one, who
makes his first steps using NetBSD", I can agree. But if you mean generally
"everyone new in using computers" - forgive me for being contrary. ;)

> the community and the developers wrote and are writing good
> documentation, from ``The NetBSD guide[2]'' to ``The pkgsrc guide[3]''
> and almost all software, device drivers and system libraries have got
> their man pages (more than GNU/Linux (just to name an OS :P)). We have
> got also a great wiki[4] that helps the new users (and expert NetBSD
> users too) to get in touch with NetBSD and pkgsrc, and other cool things
> too.

Yes, of course.

> > Linux will be better choice (IMHO) for desktop; much better than PC-BSD,
> > exactly because of the better hardware support. Especially for those "coming
> > from Windows" perhaps the best tip would be Ubuntu-Linux, not any xBSD OS.
> I suggest to Doctor Who: ``Try NetBSD, but please pay attention! ...You
> will be magically charmed by its design and philosophy!''. :)

Possible. Perhaps even very likely. "quite personal feeling" stays. ;)
                                pozdrawiam / regards

                                                Zbigniew Baniewski

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