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Re: MAKEDEV invocation

On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 04:43:58PM -0600, David Dudley wrote:
> My system runs mostly in memory, and I'm using the option where you
> don't have a /dev/console at boot time, and the system creates a mfs
> file system for /dev and fills it with the /dev entries.
> Problem is, how do I get the system to automatically generate
> /dev/tty03,/dev/tty04, and /dev/pf automatically when the system boots?
> David Dudley

Add entries to MAKEDEV.local.

(Take care to not only modify the copy on the mfs instance of /dev.
I hardlink /dev/MAKEDEV and /dev/MAKEDEV.local to /sbin at installation
time to make this easier...)


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