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Re: Which file-system is good for power down?

>>> But our power is down every 1~2 week.
>> Ouch.  A UPS will help, but even with a UPS you can get a hang/crash
>> that corrupts data.  So a UPS is for riding through short outages,
>> it is NOT a guarantee that the machine never goes down hard.
> The point of using a UPS is that you also use UPS monitoring software
> that properly shuts down your system before it goes down hard.  The
> only reason that your system would go down hard is if you fail to do
> this or the UPS malfunctions.

UPSs *do* malfunction.  (Guess how I know this?)

And there are other reasons besides power that machines go down hard.
Sometimes they just hang.  (Guess how I know this?)

>> What you want is:
>>      FFS
>>      soft updates
>>      disk's write cache turned off
>>      background fsck

> What you want is to solve the problem with the power.

Systems can and do go down hard even with perfect power.

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