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Re: GPT/UEFI booting

On Tue, 28 Feb 2017, Robert Nestor wrote, and Paul Goyette responded:

> > However, I faithfully implemented your advice and lo-and-behold I
> > almost have a booting system!  It does come up with the NetBSD boot
> > menu and then fails because it can't find the NetBSD kernel file on
> > hd0a.  Of course, that's the EFI/FAT16 partition, so I entered "boot
> > hd0b:netbsd" at the prompt and I'm up and running!
> Kewl!

> > I'm thinking there must be some configuration file I can play with
> > that modifies this behavior, but for now Iâ??m one happy camper!

> /boot.cfg is usually where the boot menu is located, probably on the FAT16
> partition.  Change the boot commands appropriately...

This "boot hd0b:netbsd" raises the question, how are disk devices and partitions notated for GPT when at the boot prompt and dk0, dk1 might not be understood, and there is no traditional NetBSD disklabel??

Or is "boot" behind the times in this aspect?


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