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Re: GPT/UEFI booting

On Tue, 28 Feb 2017, Robert Nestor wrote:

When I was a young man doing IT support I was always frustrated to
find a user who needed help but had sprinkled his scripts with all
sorts of random commands he'd found someplace.  Now that I'm an old
man I find myself doing that very same thing, so I understand and
appreciate your confusion and frustration on my screwed up approach.

:)  From one old man to another, I understand completely!  :)

However, I faithfully implemented your advice and lo-and-behold I
almost have a booting system!  It does come up with the NetBSD boot
menu and then fails because it can't find the NetBSD kernel file on
hd0a.  Of course, that's the EFI/FAT16 partition, so I entered "boot
hd0b:netbsd" at the prompt and I'm up and running!


I'm thinking there must be some configuration file I can play with
that modifies this behavior, but for now I’m one happy camper!

/boot.cfg is usually where the boot menu is located, probably on the FAT16 partition. Change the boot commands appropriately...

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