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Re: GPT/UEFI booting


I have it working on two such laptops; here are a couple of comments
which could help.

Robert Nestor <> writes:

> newfs_msdos -F 16 /dev/rdk0

I didn't specify -F 16 here and this partition is 512MiB on my laptops.

> newfs /dev/dk1

This should really be /dev/rdk1 (char device, same for other newfs's).

It looks to me like you are installing both a MBR bios boot and a UEFI
boot. As you mention that your BIOS sort of supports both, it could be

The two next commands are what is needed. I didn't check if if was
necessary but I used "mount_msdos -l /dev/xxx /mntxxx" to force using
long filenames because I don't remember what is the default when
mounting an empty msdos filesystem.

> mkdir -p /mnt2/EFI/boot
> cp /mnt/usr/mdec/*.efi /mnt2/EFI/boot/

The next three commands are IMHO useless (or harmful?) for UEFI boot.

> gpt biosboot -A -i 1 ld0
> cp /mnt/usr/mdec/boot /mnt
> installboot /dev/rdk1 /usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv1

Also, I aligned my EFI partition to 1MiB because Linux does it (-a 1M);
not sure if it's necessary but it could also be friendlier to flash


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