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Re: GPT/UEFI booting

Just a final follow up — copied the boot.cfg file over to the EFI partition (top level) and edited it to identify which disk wedge the NetBSD system can be found on and everything works.  It even boots up without bitching when the Secure Boot option in the firmware is enabled.  Didn’t do that intentionally, but for some reason it keeps finding ways of re-enabling itself.

So on this laptop with a -current version of NetBSD it is possible to set up the disk using GPT and get it to boot from UEFI not needing any MBR setup or Legacy BIOS support.  Great job well done to everyone who worked on all the bits and pieces to make this happen.


On Feb 28, 2017, at 6:49 PM, Paul Goyette <> wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Feb 2017, Robert Nestor wrote:
>> When I was a young man doing IT support I was always frustrated to
>> find a user who needed help but had sprinkled his scripts with all
>> sorts of random commands he'd found someplace.  Now that I'm an old
>> man I find myself doing that very same thing, so I understand and
>> appreciate your confusion and frustration on my screwed up approach.
>> :-)
> :)  From one old man to another, I understand completely!  :)
>> However, I faithfully implemented your advice and lo-and-behold I
>> almost have a booting system!  It does come up with the NetBSD boot
>> menu and then fails because it can't find the NetBSD kernel file on
>> hd0a.  Of course, that's the EFI/FAT16 partition, so I entered "boot
>> hd0b:netbsd" at the prompt and I'm up and running!
> Kewl!
>> I'm thinking there must be some configuration file I can play with
>> that modifies this behavior, but for now I’m one happy camper!
> /boot.cfg is usually where the boot menu is located, probably on the FAT16 partition.  Change the boot commands appropriately...
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