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Re: NetBSD-HEAD amd64 refuses to build

> You still haven't told us what messages are still visible on the
> screen.  Those are much more important than what's already scrolled
> out of view.  Lack of a camera should not prevent you from writing the
> messages down, and typing them into an email message.

> > I tried reboot 0x100 but couldn't find where the dump was.  I ran
> > ls -rtl in /media/zip0/var and subdirectories but couldn't find any
> > messages from crash time.

> The crash dump should be saved to whichever disk partition has been
> marked as a dump device, typically via swapctl(8).  The dump partition
> is usually the same as the swap partition, which is usually the "b"
> partition on your boot disk (e.g.  /dev/wd0b).

> During the next boot after a crash, savecore(8) looks for a crash dump
> in the relevant raw disk partition, and copies it to a file in the
> /var/crash directory.  If the boot does not get far enough, then the
> dump will not end up in the /var/crash directory.  In theory, a method
> could be devised for using some other OS to copy the crash dump from
> the raw dump partition to a file, but I don't know of any suitable
> tool that already exists.

> --apb (Alan Barrett)

I didn't find anything in /var/crash directory.

That could be because the boot didn't advance far enough, though it did detect 
athn from on-motherboard quasi-USB wi-fi (Atheros AR9271).

It could also be because the swap device was not recognized and configured due 
to shortage of device nodes.

Root and swap are /dev/dk15 and /dev/dk16.

NetBSD might be useful for comparing source code of re(4), athn(4), ath(4) 
drivers and seeing if I can port to FreeBSD.

I could even download OpenBSD src tree for that purpose despite OpenBSD not 
being able to access my hard drive for lack of GPT support.

Now developments in FreeBSD 10-prerelease and 11-head figure to take my time 
away from NetBSD.


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