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Re: gtk3, libXi vs xextproto


Robert Swindells wrote:
Riccardo Mottola wrote:
I have a doubt: if using base X, when i update my system from sources I do:
  ./ -O ../obj -T ../tools -U distribution
# ./ -O ../obj -T ../tools -U install=/

this should build&update also X, right?
No, you also need the -x argument to to tell it to build X11.

On my system I see:

% nm /usr/X11R7/lib/libXi.a | grep XIFree
000000000000022d T XIFreeDeviceInfo
just as an update: after updating both src and xsrc userland, the problem is solved. Finally emacs installed GTK3 is ugly and buggy as hell, but well, that's life. Xaw or Motif did the same just better ;) I hope the GNUstep port of emacs will one day work. Now I am struggling with Firefox and Thunderbird, then my system will be current and usable again !

Thanks for the support.


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