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Re: Creating /dev/dk* nodes so as to be persistent

> There are a couple things missing from what I've seen in this thread so far:

> 1) If you want your changes to persist, you'll need to access "the lower
>   layer of your union mount".  i.e. umount /dev
> 2) MAKEDEV.local should be in the same places as MAKEDEV, i.e. in /dev, not 
> /etc

> Eric

I could try that, after umounting /BETA1, where the hard-drive partition with 
FreeBSD system source, NetBSD-HEAD system source and pkgsrc is mounted to.

Then, if no immediate crash, see what's in /dev, and run MAKEDEV all, try to 
include the extra dk* nodes.

Kernel with xhci hung on boot (login: prompt but then keyboard input was not 

Dynamically-created device nodes, as in modern-day Linux and FreeBSD, are so 
much nicer to deal with than MAKEDEV.

There is no /etc/MAKEDEV or MAKEDEV.local, but there is 
$SRCDIR/etc/MAKEDEV.local , also MAKEDEV.tmpl and MAKEDEV.awk .


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