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Re: 'getty' printing delay tokens in -current and netbsd-6

On 27/06/2012 17:49, John D. Baker wrote:
The "putpad()" routine in getty/main.c was hard-coded to interpret the
delay value that could optionally be included at the _beginning_ of a
TERMCAP control-sequence string, which could include a precision down
to 0.1ms.

Correct. getty has always been doing it wrong - the termcap man pages
have always said that termcap strings should not be parsed by anything
other than termcap. The same rationale of course applies to terminfo :)

'getty', in trying to handle delay/padding itself, has fallen out of
sync with respect to the terminfo-style strings. I suppose the rationale
of doing the padding internally was to avoid the overhead of the
term{cap,info} library just to initialize a terminal.

Which doesn't make sense as getty has always been linked to termcap so it
can work out how to clear the screen.

Anyway, I've comitted a slightly improved patch now.



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