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'getty' printing delay tokens in -current and netbsd-6

It appears there's something wrong with curses/terminfo on netbsd-6
and -current.  So far, it only shows up when 'getty' is setting up
the terminal.  For terminal types that include delays after various
control sequences, the delay token is being displayed as text instead
of being interpreted.

The specific example in which I saw it is as follows:

If one adds the "cs" (clear screen) capability to the default entry in
"/etc/gettytab" and sets the terminal type to "vt100" in "/etc/ttys",
when 'getty' clears the screen, before it prints the "im" string, it


at the beginning of the top line of the terminal display (shown
indented above only for display purposes).  Checking the output
of 'infocmp vt100' and referencing terminfo(5), the above string
is supposed to indicate a 50ms delay after sending the clear-screen
control sequence, not something to be sent down the wire.

I've observed this on serial connections using 'tip' from an xterm
as well as with a genuine VT220 and wscons emulated terminals.

If the terminal type is set to "vt220" (or "wsvt25" for wscons
terminals) the extraneous output does not appear.  (These terminals
don't have a delay after the clear-screen sequence, which is the
only one 'getty' has been told to use via the "cs" capability.)

Without the "cs" capability, no extraneous output appears.

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