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Re: 6.0_BETA: iwn0: choppy experience

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 02:36:19PM +1030, Brett Lymn wrote:
> > "choppiness" problem. To give you that confidence, I'll use my mobile's 3G
> > connection via USB (no router in picture) tonight and confirm.
> I don't know what this will show, since a wired connection does not have
Yes. I realized. Withdrawn this point in a separate mail.

> the issue it seems to indicate that your wireless network has an issue.
> Whether or not it is a problem with NetBSD is what we need to find out.
> You haven't given a lot of details apart from it doesn't work.  How
> about:

Inspired by your questions I got some new observations:

Firstly the setup:

I have two routers:

Router1: connects to internet. (An old router, more than 5 years I guess,
though very stable - except for one issue that triggers on heavy load,
which is not in picture for present discussion.) Uses WEP encryption with
shared key.

Router2: runs in bridge mode extending internet connection throughout the
house. A recent (more than a year old still) purchase though no known
issues.  WEP encryption to act as a client to Router1 but no encryption
for its users.

Computers at home connect to internet through Router2 - so without

For sake of testing, I switched off encryption on Router1 (though that
doesn't matter to the devices that use Router2). As expected it did not

As another experiment, I used Router1 directly. Then no matter with or
without encryption, the choppiness issue on NetBSD is gone.

Ok, so routers/the way they are configured, may have a bearing, though the
fact remains: On other OSes, I do not have choppiness issue even through


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