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6.0_BETA: iwn0: choppy experience

I am trying to state this as objectively as I could, though please help me
if I could run any tests that can make it more objective:

I have been facing some sort of choppiness whenever accessing any remote
shell session over a terminal, since upgrading to 6.0_BETA.

Some symptoms of what I mean by choppiness:

1. Open a text file with 100 odd lines of text and hold down the cursor
key (in a remote shell session, not local). I notice that it moves a few
lines, then stops and then again jumps a few lines and so on.

2. Alternatively just hold any letter key down at prompt, the letter gets
printed a few times, then pauses, then it suddenly jumps printing a bunch
of characters making up for the time and then prints at normal rate.

Hope this gives an idea.

Now I went on ruling out some factors one by one:

1. Not an X issue as the same happens on tty

2. Not a network issue since, at the same time if I login to same remote
server from another OS (Maemo, Fedora), it works smoothly. This is very
reliably repeatable over a few days.

3. Instead of wifi, if I switch to wired LAN (I have interface bge0) there
is no choppiness at all.

Observations so far point to something wrong with wifi driver iwn0 or any
other components it might be depending on. On 5.1, I am certain, it worked
pretty smoothly.

If there is any objective measure to express the issue please let me know.


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