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Re: 6.0_BETA: iwn0: choppy experience

On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 09:07:43AM +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
> > 
> > But you said that you have a similar problem with Linux which seems to
> > point to something other than the NetBSD drivers.
> Hang on, did I write so? I do not have choppiness problem with Linux. The
> "router hanging problem" that I had on Linux is different. That I
> explained on a separate thread. These two are completely separate issues.

OK,sorry - I recalled you had a problem with linux and thought it was
the same.  Regardless, are you really sure they are separate problems
not just manifestations of the same problem?

> > 
> > > If there is any objective measure to express the issue please let me know.
> > > 
> > 
> > You said that your wireless router is old, this can be a factor.  I had
> See, using the same router, I don't face "choppiness" problem as explained
> on any other OS including NetBSD 5.1 and Linux (Fedora, Maemo).

I use the iwn driver under NetBSD and after I changed my router I do not
see the issues that you are seeing.  Prior to buying the new laptop for
my partner I didn't have problems with the wireless.

> If I use wired connection to the same router I don't face "choppiness"
> problem on 6.0_BETA either.

Right, with the old router I had the same experience, wired was fine.
All that indicates is that there is a problem with the wireless
connection *somewhere*

> I am fully convinced that router is not playing any role in the
> "choppiness" problem. To give you that confidence, I'll use my mobile's 3G
> connection via USB (no router in picture) tonight and confirm.

I don't know what this will show, since a wired connection does not have
the issue it seems to indicate that your wireless network has an issue.
Whether or not it is a problem with NetBSD is what we need to find out.
You haven't given a lot of details apart from it doesn't work.  How

1) do you use wireless encryption?
2) if yes to 1, what sort?
3) if yes to 1, what happens when you turn it off?
4) can you try enabling the debug in the iwn driver and check what
messages you get?
5) can you get access to another wireless network?
6) if yes to 5, what is the performance like on the other network?

Brett Lymn
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