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Re: 6.0_BETA: iwn0: choppy experience

I would try to gather data to confirm/refute your observations.

On you machine

  tcpdump -i <wifi0> -w WIFI.tcpdump&

do some tests, including

   ping something across wifi but local (on wired)

   wget something largish (16 MB?) from the other local box

   wget something from the system under test from the local box 


  kill the tcpdump


  install graphics/xplot-devel
  read all the READMEs

  tcpdump -r WIFI.tcpdump -S -tt | tcpdump2xplot

and look at the traces of tcp.   tcp is very sensitive to loss and I
find these very illuminating, but it takes a lot of tcp understanding to
get the most out of it.

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