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Re: Automated report: NetBSD-current/i386 build failure

Thus wrote Andreas Gustafsson (

> Alan Barrett wrote:
> > Obviously you can't consider any change that's more recent than 
> > when you started the rsync process.  I see now that I didn't state 
> > this requirement properly.
> That in turn introduces a new requirement of clock synchronization
> between the machine holding the repository and the client.

Since we routinely run ntpd, I think you can consider the clocks synced.

> There is also the problem that (AFAIK) repository rsync service is not
> available directly from, but only from mirrors, which
> may not themselves hold consistent snapshots of the actual repository.

Not necessarily true, but you'll need admins' assistance to set that up
from a TNF host.

> What method does use for mirroring the repository
> from

cvs pushes to anoncvs.


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