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re: postinstall not cleaning up after gcc-4.1?

> I've just updated my 5.99.55/amd64 to one with gcc-4.5.
> When looking at the file system differences, I note that protoize and
> unprotoize haven't been removed, as well as many header files, among
> them the whole /usr/include/gcc-4.1 directory.
> I thought "postinstall fix" should have done that -- are the set lists
> marked correctly or how is it supposed to work?

hmm... this ports out an issue with set lists 8-/

those files are marked as being for gcc 4.1 only, but they're not marked
as being obsolete in builds they're not part of.

i'm not sure what the right solution here is.  they *will* become properly
obsolete when we choose to remove gcc 4.1 (or at least, choose to make
a platform no longer build with gcc 4.1 by marking these MD files as


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