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Re: postinstall not cleaning up after gcc-4.1?

On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 08:10:03PM +1000, Matthew Green wrote:
> hmm... this ports out an issue with set lists 8-/
> those files are marked as being for gcc 4.1 only, but they're not marked
> as being obsolete in builds they're not part of.
> i'm not sure what the right solution here is.  they *will* become properly
> obsolete when we choose to remove gcc 4.1 (or at least, choose to make
> a platform no longer build with gcc 4.1 by marking these MD files as
> obsolete.)

Looking at the set lists, I see:
./comp/mi:./usr/include/g++/backward/algo.h             comp-cxx-include        
./comp/mi:./usr/include/g++/backward/algo.h             comp-obsolete           
and indeed, that file was removed by postinstall fix.

So I think the set lists already support this, we just need to add the
appropriate obsolete lines for gcc=45.

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