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Re: x86 GENERIC kernels unlobotomized

Am 08.08.11 20:43, schrieb Izumi Tsutsui:
>> Please do not do that without discussion.
> IMO, technical discussion is over.
> No particular technical advantage on both side,
> just some people like MODULAR and others prefer MONOLITHIC.
> Probably we need decision of Core or Boards.
> (per demand of market/users?)

Why do people always tend to call for a superior entity (in this case
core or board) when it comes to make a decision?

Even if I don't totally agree with jak, but at least he had the balls to
decide and act.

We don't need leaders and superiors, we need more balls. ;)

E.g., I don't like Jak's move, so I will create a MODULAR configuration.
 Where is the problem?  I even think that MODULAR is what people should
be using, so I will make it the default.

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