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Re: atf for libcurses

On Thu 04 Nov 2010 at 17:56:43 +0200, Antti Kantee wrote:
> Ok, sounds easy enough.  IIRC someone noticed that nvi developed a
> regression where it left the cursor at the wrong place and wanted to
> write a test for it.  So in your scheme it would be a matter of sending
> the right commands to vi with "input" and figuring out what the expected
> output is.

One problem with curses and curses-using programs is that their real
output isn't a stream of characters, or a stream of commands, but the
appearance of the screen afterward.

There are in general multiple character or command sequences that
generate the same output. To verify curses at this sort of abstraction
level, one needs a terminal emulator of sorts, and check the resulting

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