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Re: atf for libcurses

On Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 10:32:29PM +1030, Brett Lymn wrote:
> I have tried to make an atf(1) style test using what I have done, that
> is what is in the tar file.  I am looking for feedback/suggestions for
> what I have done.  I would like to commit the code into the tree at
> some stage so I want to make sure that I have the building and test
> frameworks correct.

Awesome!  Soon I'll have the courage to touch curses and be sure
I didn't break anything.

Apologies if I missed it, but I didn't find how to create the
expected output files.  The ones I did look at looked, hmm, cryptic,
so if there some tool to create an output check file which verifies
that "hello" is printed in exactly the right place on the screen?

Also, can this scheme be extended to curses applications (say, vi)
and even further to similar applications which don't necessarily
use curses?

(and finally, do you have a script which ascends in nethack ?)

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